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Kris Akin

Community member Kris Akin joins Lauren on The Feed to share what it was like growing up in Farmington, how owning a local business shaped who she is and why it's impo...

Dew Days Parade

If you missed the Farmington Dew Days grand parade on June 26th, Lauren and Kellee have you covered! It was one for the books.

Farmington Library

Sr. Information Assistant Angella Hanson and Children's Librarian Aimee Schreiber from the Farmington Library stopped in to chat about the library's history and upcomi...

Josh Solinger

Liquor Operations Manager Josh Solinger stopped in to chat about what's going on at Farmington Liquors this month.

David McKnight

Join us as we chat with former city administrator David McKnight on his time at the city. Stick around to the end to find out his thoughts about the new city administr...

We are Podcasting!

Our first episode of Farmington Feed dives into upcoming city events and current news. Then we chat with Recreation Supervisor Missie Kohlbeck about the Rambling River...

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